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Fender Mustang GTX50 Guitar Amplifier
Fender Mustang GTX50 Guitar Amplifier
Fender Mustang GTX50 Guitar Amplifier
Fender Mustang GTX50 Guitar Amplifier
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Mustang GTX50 & GTX100…lower prices

Important: GTX50 and GTX100’s. Let me guess. You’re shopping around online and you think you’ve found a great deal…no sorry. Our prices are usually always better and we can deliver amps or guitars to your door anywhere in Australia. NB: Please contact us to check availability as supply is still erratic due to ongoing post Covid issues. 2yr Aussie wide warranty.

Fender Mustang GTX50 (and GTX100) Guitar Amplifier offers incredible bang for the buck. The all-new cabinet design is more gig-ready and durable; a new 12-inch Celestion speaker produces strong, powerful response; and the improved amp, speaker and cabinet models ensure that Mustang GTX sounds better than anything else in its class. Stereo XLR line outputs and stereo effects loop let you interface with PA, recording and outboard gear. There’s also an optional seven-button footswitch available with individual bank up and down functions and easy effects selection, making GTX a true live performance amp. It also unlocks the amp’s included 60-second looper.


  • New models include: Fender classics like the Blues Jr and Vibro King, as well as other amplifiers including JC Clean and Silver Jubilee
  • New effects include: Models of classic Overdrive, Fuzz, Delay and Pitch Shift effects
  • Newly-designed stage-ready cabinet and cosmetics
  • 12-inch Celestion® guitar speaker
  • 200 onboard user presets that can be modified for any style of music
  • All-new Fender TONE 3.0 for iOS and Android for deep editing, preset browsing from the Fender Tone community, preset back-up and restore, and more
  • Upgraded seven-button footswitch (optional) features individual bank up and down functions and easy effects selection, as well as a tap tempo and 60-second looper
Fender Mustang GTX50 Guitar Amplifier


Mustang GTX includes 200 basic and genre-specific presets, giving player access to a wide variety of genres, from country to rock, R&B to metal, pop to jazz.

Fender Mustang GTX50 Guitar Amplifier


The crystal-clear, LCD color display makes it easy to see amp and effect settings at a glance. Add to that the large encoder dial and three soft-touch keys and you have a powerful, intuitive interface that makes it easy to find your sound.

Fender Mustang GTX50 Guitar Amplifier


Mustang GTX’s onboard WiFi capabilities make it easy to add new content to your amp. You can also download presets directly from the Fender cloud with the amp itself, or you can use the Fender Tone™ 3.0 app on your mobile device.

Fender Mustang GTX50 Guitar Amplifier


Mustang GTX 50 incorporates a Celestion® speaker for superior guitar tone.

Fender Mustang GTX50 Guitar Amplifier


The optional GTX-7 7-button footswitch unlocks Mustang GTX’s powerful onboard looping capabilities. With up to 60 seconds of record time, the looper is the perfect creative and practice partner.

Fender Mustang GTX50 Guitar Amplifier


Constantly striving to make life better for musicians, we included the all-new beautiful Fender Tone 3.0 app so that you can explore, modify, backup and restore your presets.




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